I set up this blog when I started out learning Python with every intention to post new things as I learned them. It was going to be great. I’d learn new things and then type them up so that I’d have notes to refer back to and so that others could learn from the mistakes I’d made along the way.

It turns out that just typing into a note taking application is easier.

I started with programming back when I was 12 in BASIC on an Amstrad CPC 464. I played with Visual Basic and Delphi as a hobby in my teens but didn’t really get very far with either. I didn’t plan on becoming a developer as a career, but that happened accidentally when I started working at an office in Manchester. It turns out many small, time consuming tasks can be replaced with scripts and that evolved into desktop application and web development before I realised what was happening.

After having tried out a few tools I mainly use Python with PyQt for desktop and Django/Flask for web and am enjoying learning new things as I go. I might write some of those things up here. Or I might just type them into my notebook.